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Commercial Outdoor Trash Receptacle / SPT-107

When you talk about an outdoor and commercial receptacle that will be able to handle any kind and size of trash, this outdoor receptacle comes to mind. An ashtray attachment, 2 compartments, and steel liner all make this outdoor receptacle valuable.

Accommodating up to 32 gallons of trash this implies it can be used in churches, schools, parks, and more. If you are environmental preservation conscious then this receptacle is for you as it is built with environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. There are varying options of the SPT-107 to choose from.

Cubic litter receptacle made of steel bars, easy to service and maintain, and ash tray compatible.


  • Assembly free
  • Liner included
  • Ash tray attachment
  • High reliability and durability
  • Customizable color of powder coating
  • High degree of UV protection and color stability
  • Environment-friendly and 99% recyclable
  • Highly durable in extremely hot, cold, humid and salty outdoor conditions
  • Ship to Canada and United States



  • 32 gallon
  • Length 28″ (710 mm)
  • Width 28″ (710 mm)
  • Height 37″ (940 mm)
  • Customizable upon request


  • Main structure manufactured of mild steel
  • Liner made of galvanized steel, optional powder coating
  • All welding points are filled with Poly-Putty Base, to enhance smoothness and avoid tiny cavities causing corrosion

Package Contents

  • Receptacle unit
  • Liner
  • Key to the access of side door
  • Stainless steel expansion bolts and shims for securing table on concrete ground
  • Packaged in layers of plastic foam and cardboard


Finished with Zinc spraying and powder coating process.

Liner is galvanized, optional powder coating.


  • Regular colors of powder coating, listed in following picture, are free of charge.

    Powder Coating Color Chart

    Custom colors require RAL color code, or simply send us a color sample, and we are able to match it.

    For more information, please visit our Support page or contact us.

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