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Technical Information

We have a wide variety of colors of powder coating to choose from, e.g. blue, red, black, green, yellow, silver, etc. Special colors, such as pink, light green and orange, are also available, but with minimal extra fees and longer lead time.
An international RAL color code is mandatory for customization, and any color is theoretically available. Customers could also select glossy or matt options, free of charge. Metallic colors that contain shinny metal particles are feasible, but require samples for color matching. Bolts could be powder coated as well to accomplish a uniform aesthetic appeal. A list of RAL colors can be found here:
Below are some popular colors that we stock on a regular basis.Powder Coating Color Chart

Plastic wood is capable of mimicking colors and textures of wood, but in the meanwhile thanks to stable chemical property of plastic, no corrosion and cracks would occur. A bench made of this synthetic material is an enjoyable place to sit on, as a result of its adequate softness. Following pictures listed the options of HDPE (High-density Polyethylene) plastic lumber .Recycled Plastic Option ChartPlease contact us for availability of the materials prior to placing order. Options may experience shortage during certain periods of the year. We could send plastic lumber samples for final approval of the purchase upon request.

Majority of our products are heavy, so for safety and anti-theft, it is highly recommended to secure our product on the concrete with provided SS expansion bolts. Here is a video instructing the installation of expansion bolts.

Sunperk seeks innovating. So do our customers. Certain customers have special requirements or even have their own designs. The frequent requests including but not limited to adjusting lengths of benches, ADA / handicap compatibility, and  adding specific sizes of umbrella holes to picnic tables. We offer full customization either on our current models or your own design to help you accomplish successful projects. Feel free to contact us to discuss any possibilities.

Supplementary Information

Sunperk Site Furnishings takes your complete satisfaction as our ultimate goals. Sunperk provides limited warranty on all of its manufactured products and to be free of any defect in material and/or workmanship for a period of FIVE (5) years from the date of invoice. This includes FIVE(5) years limited warranty on structure and ONE (1) year limited warranty on finish of all products under standard maintenance and usage.
This warranty does not apply to damage resulting from improper installation, handling, vandalism, alteration, accident, misuse, tampering, abuse, unauthorized repair and improper maintenance. Also, this warranty will not cover any consequential or incidental damages caused by purchaser. During the first year of the warranty period, Sunperk Site Furnishings will, at its option, repair, replace, or refund at purchase price of any items found defective upon inspection and through a proper claim procedure. After the first year of the warranty period, any repair, replace, or refund shall be at client’s expense. The claims under this warranty must be received within the applicable warranty period in a written form along with a copy of the original invoice or invoice number.
This warranty only applies to the initial purchaser at the date of invoice. All products, except trash receptacles and recycling stations, manufactured by Sunperk Site Furnishings are relatively maintenance free. However, Sunperk highly recommend a periodic inspection on the purchased outdoor furniture for safety purpose.
Sunperk accepts business cheques, VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS. Credit cards have maximum spend limit of $2,500.
50% deposit to place order, and 50% before delivery. Orders will be placed only upon receiving of deposit. Governmental purchases do not require deposits, but a formal purchase order.

An usual lead time is about 8 weeks for customized product. We are relatively busy during spring and summer. Lead time also depends on customers’ position on the wait list as well as the weather, specifically windy and snowy winter conditions. Lead time may be also affected by requirements of matching colors and ordering rare colors, or any other special requirements.

An usual lead time is about 8-10 weeks for customized product. We are relatively busy during spring and summer seasons. Lead time also depends on customers’ position on the wait list as well as the weather, specifically windy and snowy winter conditions. Lead time could also be affected by requirements of color matching and ordering rare colors, or any other special requirements.

We have many customers inquiring about memorial benches. It is important to treat the benches carefully as much as we care about the ones who brought us beautiful memories. Here are some helpful info.
  • We only supply benches, and customers need to out-source laser printed stainless steel plaques. There are plenty of workshops, so don’t worry.
  • Choose recycled plastic benches over metal benches. Installation of memorial plaque needs drilling holes on the bench. In the case of metal benches, drilling holes exposes raw metal to the air, and over a period of time, corrosion initiates and migrates to other part of the bench, and resulting in large area of rusting. However this scenario would not happen on recycled plastic benches.
  • Soft property of plastic wood benches is easier for installation of memorial plaque.
  • Possibility of loosening of screws that attach plaque to the bench may causing unpleased noise when plaque is contacting the metal bench.
  • If an unsuccessful drilling is performed, it may require replacement of whole metal bench, but in case of recycled plastic bench, simply replacement of a lumber.
For better understanding of the craftsmanship and how we achieve the best quality, here are our general manufacturing procedures:
  1. Color matching, if applicable, and ordering materials for powder coating
  2. Ordering raw materials, such as steels, plastic wood lumbers, etc.
  3. Fabrication of parts
  4. Welding / laser cut, if applicable
  5. Smoothening
  6. Zinc spraying
  7. Powder coating
  8. Assembly (only applicable to trash receptacles); partial assembly of some recycled plastic products
  9. Packaging
As a manufacture of high quality outdoor site furniture, Sunperk Site Furnishings offers a highly durable and superior finish for all of our metal collections in order to provide our valued customers a great outdoor experience. And most importantly, our quality powder coating is renowned for being environmentally responsible which contains no VOCs and solvents.
Sunperk’s Powder Coating is a dry finishing process, which uses finely ground particles of pigment and resin that are electrostatically charged and evenly sprayed onto electrically grounded parts. The charged powder particles adhere to the parts and are held there until melted and fused into a smooth coating in a curing oven. Before coating, the parts to be coated are first prepared similarly to conventional liquid coated parts. Sunperk Site Furnishings has a fully equipped processing line for these steps. Following is the procedure of powder coating from start to finish.
Sunperk Site Furnishings has been converting to environmentally friendly methods and materials in conjunction with the general industrial trend. Our well-selected pretreatment processes can achieve these objectives. Not all of these methods work on all surfaces. The pretreatment will vary depending on the required final use of the substrate. A complete pretreatment process will consist of: Cleaning, Rinsing, Conversion Coating, Seal Rinsing, and Drying and Cooling.
Powder Application
Sunperk Sit Furnishings uses Electrostatic Powder Spraying as the method for processing this step. The extreme cost of the equipment exchanged our advantages compared with others:
  • Difficult shapes can be coated
  • Film thickness can vary
  • Simple and low cost for automation
  • Color can be changed relatively simply
  • No pre-heating of components required
The electrostatic spray process makes use of electrically charging the powder particles. The powder is delivered by a powder pump and a transport airflow system to the electrostatic spray gun. As the charged particles come close to the grounded work piece, electrostatic attraction causes the particles to deposit and adhere to the work piece.
Quality & Testing
To polymerize the powder applied to the substrate we must heat both to a high temperature for a few minutes. This is the curing process. It is important to note that for any particular powder coating application, Sunperk Site Furnishings has technical specifications and quality standards to be met, which refer to specific tests and testing equipments. During the powder application process faults can occur, as with any other process. If the part cannot be utilized in a less critical or sensitive situation, it may either be repaired or scrapped. The possible rework actions include Sanding, Touch-up, Recoating, Double-curing, and Stripping.

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