Why use commercial trash receptacles?

Trash receptacles provide solutions to any waste problem. Most times, trash receptacles or poorly made and does not offer a long-lasting waste solution. Some owners install the trash receptacles in obscured areas because they have bad aesthetics. Others are unable to contain wastes thereby leading to the littering of the environment.

At Sunperk Site Furnishings, we supply high quality and durable trash receptacles. They are decorative and at the same time highly functional to offer you a permanent solution to disposable problems. Our trash receptacles are capable of transforming to the look of any landscape making them look neater and more beautiful.

Why choose Sunperk's commercial trash receptacles?

Weather Resistant

Coated to be impregnable to UV rays and other weather conditions. Their exposure to these conditions does not compromise their color and overall appearance.


Built with high-quality materials that make them usable in any condition and used for as long as possible.


Comes already assembled. This makes it easy to use and takes away the need to hire a professional to assemble them, which costs money.


Comes in unique colors and designs that are tailored to agree with the aesthetics of the going-to-be-installed location.


Can be purchased for both indoor and outdoor use.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the best things about using our trash receptacles is that they are very friendly with the environment. They are also 99% recyclable.

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Sunperk Site Furnishings is a supplier of durable and top quality furnishings. Due to our unwavering dedication to supply great quality trash receptacles, you can be sure to get a value and quality of your money. Visit us today so we can assist you to get the trash receptacle right for you.