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Commercial Outdoor Trash Receptacle / SPT-104

Being one of the best commercial outdoor receptacles, the SPT-104 outdoor receptacle is one that is highly sturdy and functional for waste collection. Featuring a galvanized steel finish, this receptacle is one that will last you for a very long time.

What’s more, it comes with a powder coating process which ensures that it does not rust after it is exposed to air. This outdoor trash receptacle is also able to withstand harsh weather conditions and has a high degree of color stability. If you are looking for a trash receptacle that is customizable and can fit a school, hospital or any other commercial area, you should go for the outdoor receptacle.

One of our most popular trash receptacles. Heavy, durable, highly customizable in size, clean look.


  • Assembly free
  • Liner included
  • Ash tray attachment customizable
  • High reliability and durability
  • Customizable color of powder coating
  • High degree of UV protection and color stability
  • Environment-friendly and 99% recyclable
  • Sealed welds increase overall durability
  • Highly durable in extremely hot, cold, humid and salty outdoor conditions
  • Ship to Canada and United States



  • Diameter 28″ (710 mm),
  • Height 38″ (978 mm)
  • 32 gallon


  • Main structure manufactured of mild steel
  • Liner made of galvanized steel, optional powder coating
  • All welding points are filled with Poly-Putty Base, to enhance smoothness and avoid tiny cavities causing corrosion

Package Contents

  • Receptacle unit
  • Liner
  • Stainless steel expansion bolts and shims for securing table on concrete ground
  • Packaged in layers of plastic foam and cardboard


Finished with Zinc spraying and powder coating process.

Liner is galvanized. optional powder coating.


  • Regular colors of powder coating, listed in following picture, are free of charge.

    Powder Coating Color Chart

    Custom colors require RAL color code, or simply send us a color sample, and we are able to match it.

    For more information, please visit our Support page or contact us.

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