Trash Receptacles

Sunperk Site Furnishings manufactures and supplies an extensive selection of high quality durable outdoor trash receptacle that are specially designed for commercial, industrial and public sectors.

Trash receptacles, also referred as litter receptacles, can be placed to the exterior of a building facility or plaza to enhance the beauty of any outdoor spaces. Our commercial grade waste receptacles in various designs, sizes and colors, offer clients a wide choice to match up exterior landscaping design, and add functionality or aesthetic appeal to outdoor spaces. Our heavy duty outdoor trash containers are well crafted and finished with superior powder coating system, that are resistant to corrosion, UV, fade and harsh weather conditions. In addition to steel waste receptacles, we also offer recycled plastic line which made from 100% recyclable materials to reduce environmental impact and fulfill our commitment to environment stewardship.

Below is a list of a wide range of Sunperk trash receptacle models for you to choose. We also provide custom manufacturing in case if you have special requirements.


Confused of which commercial trash receptacle to go with? These tips might help.


Except for the main duty of collecting litters, there are some other important features of trash receptacles that you need to take into consideration: push-to-open lid, availability of ash tray, and availability of side door for maintenance. To improve the durability of side doors, all hinges are capable of small pre-drilled hols for the convenient of injecting lubricant.

Structure and size

Our commercial trash receptacles are in cubic or cylindrical shape with different styles of opening at top. In areas of high possibility of rain, it is appropriate to have smaller openings or push-to-open lids. We have custom made trash receptacles with sizes from 32 to 48 gallons.


Quality product with competitive prices is what we have accomplished over the years. Feel free to contact us about any possibilities, and we are more than happy to help and make your project a success.