Metal Park Benches

Commercial metal park benches make a striking addition to any space. They are ideal for terraces and patios and represent standout features on any lawn. A great option for the outdoors because they look good and will last for a very long time, whatever the weather conditions. Commercial outdoor benches come in styles to suit every taste and situation. Metal benches are also very easy to care for.

Sunperk Site Furnishings specializes in manufacturing and supplying heavy-duty, commercial metal park benches. Every outdoor bench we produce is of the highest quality and matches a variety of landscapes and open area designs. You can rest assured that Sunperk metal park benches add functionality and aesthetic appeal to any outdoor space.

The majority of Sunperk benches are designed to serve outdoor spaces. But, thanks to the superior design and quality of our park benches, many customers choose them for indoors too. Sunperk also offers a wide variety of recycled plastic benches, in addition to our high-quality steel, metal benches. Sunperk is always happy to accept any degree of customization.

Below is our current collection of metal park benches:


Don’t worry if you are confused about which metal park bench would suit you. Below please find a guide to help you choose.


The most vital aspect when selecting a seating solution is how functional the commercial metal park bench will be.

The first decision you should make is whether the bench needs to be with or without a backrest or armrests. Consider whether either or both of these would compromise the purpose for which the bench is needed. Would a backrest or armrests adversely affect the situation and conditions where the bench is to be sited?

For example, if the bench is sited next to a wall, there would be no need of a backrest, but it would probably require armrests on the two sides.

Alternatively, in places like bus stops and fast food stores, where there is a high flow of customers who are not expected to stay for long, neither a backrest or armrests are likely to be needed.

When choosing metal benches, your imagination and spatial sense are all important.


The appearance of metal benches is affected by a number of factors: the general shape, the layout of the seating, the pattern or shape, and of course the color.

General Shape

The general shape is defined by whether the bench has a backrest and/or armrests. If the bench has these then the seating solution is likely to give a more comfortable feel and a more relaxed seating experience.

Layout of the Bench

A metal park bench’s layout may include a large single seat capable of seating a few people, or separated seats suitable for individuals.

An example of a single large seat is one into which three people can easily fit. This style of layout tends to encourage people to share the spaces as well as contributing towards making the site more friendly and peaceful.

Separated seats, on the other hand, are more ordered, and allow people to sit separately. Sometimes they are so ordered then can be reminiscent of a queue.


The patterns of metal benches are many and varied. The choices available are:

  • Perforated steel panels
  • Mesh steel
  • Steel round bars
  • Steel flat bars
  • Laser cut steel panels

It is worth remembering that the more material metal benches use, the steadier and heavier they will look.


Color is the last aspect that plays a role in the appearance of any park bench, which, of course, is fully customizable to match its landscape setting.


After years of successful trading, Sunperk Site Furnishings is able to offers its quality products at competitive prices. Please feel free to contact us about any possibilities you may have in mind. We are more than happy to help and advise you. Our aim is always to make your project a success.



Space savers

Park benches save space because they are designed for people to sit more closely. The result of this is that three people, for example, can sit in the same space that would fit two individual chairs. If space is tight an outdoor bench is more accommodating than a few chairs, and just as comfortable.

More resilient

Whereas chairs are frequently moved, park benches are intended to be left in place. The consequence is that an outdoor bench is less affected by wear and tear even though they may be seating up to three to four people at a time.

Less risk of theft

When choosing outdoor furniture, theft is a consideration, especially for commercial establishments. Well made, good looking furniture is especially vulnerable to theft.

Compared to other outdoor seating options, an outdoor bench tends to be heavier and may be permanently attached to the floor. Choosing benches over chairs can drastically lower any risk of theft and protect the investment they required.

More stylish & attractive

There’s no doubt that empty chairs are a sad sight, compared to an outdoor bench, which can look decorative even if nobody is using it. Benches create an inviting atmosphere, and tend to blend well with natural surroundings, especially if they are made from materials that makes a bench an indispensable feature of parks, gardens and other environments.