High-Quality Commercial
Site Furniture in Kingston

Commercial Site Furniture in Kingston

Commercial site furniture Kingston is an essential part of any public space. A well-placed outdoor bench does not only enhance the functionality of the area but also provides an opportunity for visitors to appreciate its surroundings.

At Sunperk Site Furnishings, we specialize in the design, manufacturing and supply of commercial outdoor furniture pieces. We offer you a wide range of outdoor furniture products, including picnic tables, recycles plastic benches, metal park benches, bicycle racks, outdoor planters, and more. Our selection of site furnishing is fabricated with high-quality materials and withstand the test of time, people and elements. From standard designs to custom solutions, our sole mission is to help our clients put their unique vision into reality. Our outdoor furniture products are of high quality, durability, and reliability. All commercial outdoor furniture products come with a 10-year warranty. Whether you use the product in your patio, lounge, restaurant, or parks, they are guaranteed to serve you for many years to come. 

Our collection of commercial site furniture in Kingston is available in a wide variety of different lengths, materials and colours. 

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Picnic Tables

We manufacture a wide selection of commercial-grade picnic tables featuring different colours, sizes, and designs. Sunperk’s collection of high-quality picnic tables are suitable for outdoor spaces, parks, public spaces, outdoor patios and more. 

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Plastic Benches

Our high-quality, durable recycled plastic benches are designed using recycled plastic materials. These products are made to be eco-friendly and integrate seamlessly with the natural environment of all outdoor spaces.

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Metal Benches

Made from superior galvanized steel or stainless steel materials, our selection of metal benches feature durability, strength, and longevity. Sunperk outdoor benches come in styles to suit every taste and outdoor space, such as terraces and patios.

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Trash Receptacles

Provide the ultimate solution to your waste and trash problems with our durable, weather-resistant trash receptacles. Sunperk’s trash receptacles are decorative and highly functional, offering you a permanent solution to disposable problems. 

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Recycling Stations

At Sunperk, we supply top of the line recycling stations to enable you to segregate disposables. The structure and compartment meet the requirements of users and allows you to safeguard the environment from the negative impacts of wastes. Our recycling stations come in a wide variety of designs and shapes.

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Bicycle Racks

We manufacture high-quality bicycle racks for parks, stores, schools, commercial buildings and more. Our bicycle racks come in different sizes and shapes, are versatile and suitable for different bicycles, regardless of model or configuration and can survive in any type of weather, winter, summer spring or fall.

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Sunperk Site Furnishings manufactures and supplies municipal-grade & durable traffic bollards that are specially designed for commercial, industrial and public sectors. Bollards block moving vehicles, slow down bicycle riders and runners, and warn pedestrians of changing path conditions, such as stairs, slopes or the end of the road. 

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Outdoor Planters

Create beautiful and fascinating container gardens in your outdoor spaces with high-quality commercial outdoor planters. Our planters are easy to install and works comfortably with the landscape features to give it a vibrant look. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, our planters are customized to fit various plant pots.

Commercial Site Furniture Kingston Assembly and Installation 

Assembly of site furniture is easy, as there are few large parts for every final product. For example, a metal bench comes with three sections; two bench legs and one seat panel. If the site furniture comes with many parts, the parts will be pre-assembled prior to delivery. Trash receptacles and recycling containers do not require assembly. The majority of our products are heavy, so for safety and anti-theft, it is highly recommended to secure our product on the concrete with provided stainless steel ground (expansion) bolts.

Accessibility for Sunperk Commercial Site Furniture Kingston

Functionality is the most vital aspect of commercial site furniture in Kingston. Seating and comfort for all who visit your space is a priority. Functionality includes the number of seats, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), wheelchair accessibility, availability of a backrest, availability of an umbrella hole, and the overall size of the picnic table. Additionally, the size of your chosen picnic table, or park bench, is a key factor in the accessibility of your commercial site furniture. Sunperk seeks innovation. So do our customers. Certain customers have special requirements or even have their own designs. We offer full customization either on our current models or your own design to help you accomplish successful projects. Feel free to contact us to discuss any possibilities.

commercial site furniture kingston

About Sunperk Site Furnishings

Sunperk promises quality, durability and beauty in each of our products. All of our weather-resistant products, park benches, picnic tables, bike racks, bollards, trash receptacles and recycling bins are made with care and respect for the environment. We are proud of ourselves for having been providing high quality, well designed, durable, environmentally responsible and customized products for the past decade. We will continue to make great efforts to maintain customer satisfaction.