Metal Park Benches

Sunperk Site Furnishings specializes in manufacturing and supplying heavy duty commercial metal park benches. Our high quality outdoor benches match up various designs of landscape and open areas, and add functionality and aesthetic appeal to outdoor spaces. Our concept of design is to offer seating solutions for all types of outdoor environment and provide users great seating experiences. Even though majority of our benches serves outdoor spaces, thanks to our superior design and quality, some benches are popular for indoor use as well. In addition to metal benches constructed of steel, Sunperk also has a wide variety of park benches made of plastic wood.

Below is the collection of current metal benches. Besides, Sunperk accepts any degree of customization to meet the needs of our clients.


Confused of which park bench to go with? Below might be the right guide for you.


The most vital aspect is the functionality of a commercial metal park bench. You need to first decide whether the bench should be with or without backrest or armrests to compromise your needs and site conditions. For example, someone puts a bench by the wall, so there is no need of a backrest, but requires armrests on two sides. Other places, such as fast food stores and bus stops with high flow of customers, don’t expect the customers to stay for too long, they would opt-out both backrest and armrests.


The look of a bench is affected by the general shape, layout of seat, pattern / shape of seat, and color. General shape basically means the availability of backrest or armrests, which gives a more comfy feel and seating experience. Layouts of seat include single large seat and separated seats. Single large seat, for example the ones could fit 3 persons, encourages users to share spaces and make the site more peaceful and friendly. Separated seats are more ordered, and remind us of a queue. Patterns of seat are perforated steel panel, steel flat bars, steel round bars, mesh steel and laser cut steel panel. The more materials the seat uses, the more steady and heavy it looks. Color is the last aspect that play a role in the appearance of a park bench, which is fully customizable to match up the landscapes.


Quality product with competitive prices is what we have accomplished over the years. Feel free to contact us about any possibilities, and we are more than happy to help and make your project a success.